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We are a comprehensive study of architecture, engineering, urbanism, design and interior design, which covers all areas of both the project and its construction process. Specialized in hotel establishments, rehabilitations and buildings of all kinds where the design and care of details constitutes an added value, with a particular specialization in the rehabilitation of heritage buildings, with studies in Madrid, Lanzarote, Tarragona and Dubrovnik. We have an engineering department and another of interior design Summum Design.




Think, build, live


Architecture and construction

Sharing with our clients the design and construction process of your property is a highly rewarding experience. And our goal is to think and build spaces that our customers feel their own and see in them the reflection of their way of living.


Our multidisciplinary team addresses all kinds of integral reforms in homes and buildings. From the study of the project until its completion we cover all aspects and accompany our clients adapting to their needs


In Summum Design, we create spaces that transmit the character and personality of their owners. We understand the entire creative process that intervenes in interior design as a balanced set that combines spaces in tune with its environment and its inhabitants.


Our study, specialized in hotel establishments, rehabilitations and buildings of all kinds, develops key -key projects. We take care from the beginning to the delivery of all phases, from the design, construction, reforms …


For us, architecture is the epicenter of creativity and engineering. It is the space where aesthetics and functionality fuse to shape tangible dreams. From outline lines on paper to project structures, each step is another link in the process in which land is analyzed, plans are drawn and spaces are created and designed. The light, the materials, the forms: every detail is analyzed meticulously. The architecture not only builds buildings, but it shakes environments, defines identities and sculpts our way of living.


Restaurants and commercial premises

Villas and residential


The architecture applied to urbanism is the tangible manifestation of the interaction between man and its built environment. It is the art and science of planning, designing and managing the development of communities and cities. From the disposition of streets and squares to the creation of iconic parks and buildings, each element is a piece in the urban puzzle. Urbanism seeks cohesion between functionality, aesthetics and sustainability, with the aim of improving the quality of life of those who inhabit these spaces.

Public spaces

Public buildings are the expression of community and functional values. These spaces are designed to serve society, combining aesthetics and utility. Desde bibliotecas y museos hasta ayuntamientos y hospitales, cada edificio refleja la identidad y las necesidades de la comunidad a la que sirve. The architecture applied in these buildings seeks to create accessible, safe and efficient environments, that foster the interaction and well -being of citizens. Public architecture is a tangible testimony of the commitment of a society with its heritage and its future, where the form and function converge to enrich collective life.